Do You Know What's Causing Your Dandruff?

Do You Know What's Causing Your Dandruff?

Nobody likes to deal with dandruff, especially when you’re unsure about the root cause. Pun intended. This condition refers to an itchy and dry scalp that emits white or yellow flakes, and dandruff can put a damper on even the best hair days. While it’s mostly harmless from a health perspective, it’s still helpul to understand why it’s happening to you. This is the beginning of your journey towards beating out dandruff, and creating your dream stands in the process. Here are a few reasons that you may have a flaky scalp, and the most foolproof ways to deal with it.

Too many styling products

Styling your strands is all fun and games until your scalp starts to flake. But you can have your beachy waves and wear them too with the proper steps. Oftentimes your dandruff is an optical illusion, as it’s not actually dead skin but leftover particles from your mousses and gels. Other times, the leftover product causes friction along the scalp that develops into dandruff. Not a cute look, but completely manageable.

Both of these scenarios generally happen to those who wash their hair less often. And while this can be beneficial in that it prevents the stripping of natural oils… those who pile on the products must find a balance. If you typically wash your hair every four days, try every other day instead. If you shampoo only once a week, try 2-3 times to ensure that no leftover mousse creates, or gets mistaken for, dandruff. Just keep experimenting with your hair-washing schedule until you’re free of flakes, along with finding the best styling products (like those from Hairfinity Elite Collection!) that never leave residue behind.

Dry scalp 

Sometimes the onset of dandruff isn’t your fault, darling. Certain individuals have genes that make them more prone to a dry scalp and flakiness, which are only intensified by environmental factors. You know how your skin gets dry and itchy during the colder months due to loss of moisture? The same thing happens to your scalp, but there are ways to fight the flakes. Try the most soothing ingredients for your scalp that incorporate anti-inflammatory ingredients, like jojoba oil, collagen, and aloe vera. You can also utilize hydrating shampoos with echinacea flower to soothe and nourish the scalp.


Those who deal with fungal skin infections know the pain of these itchy and red blotches, and sadly, the same thing can happen to your scalp. The overgrowth of Malassezia yeast, which feeds on sebum, can eventually lead to dandruff, and it’s not an ideal situation. How can your scalp become flakey if your scalp is both too oily and too dry? It’s seriously the worst. It may seem like you can’t win, but the good news is that there are methods of defeating this fungus and coming out with a flake-free scalp. Check out your local drugstore for anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory shampoos, or consult your doctor for a safe and stronger solution.


Life can be stressful, but your hair and skin don’t need to suffer the consequences. These negative emotions can do a number on your inner and outer wellness, causing things like acne, gut issues, and even dandruff. How so? It’s believed that stress can weaken your immunity and make you more prone to Malassezia, the very fungus that we warned you about earlier. This bacteria feeds on stress and subsequent oil, which in turn causes your scalp to flake. Ugh.

How can you stress less and reduce dreaded dandruff? It’s the little things. Go for a brief walk every day on your lunch break, do a hair mask after work for a little self-care, or practice meditation to remind yourself of all that you’re grateful for. Hint: it’s definitely NOT dandruff. Once you calm your mind and soul, your scalp will do the same… helping you say goodbye to dandruff!

Incorporating these 3 tips into your lifestyle will help you get on the path to a healthier scalp.  If you don't know where to start, take our online quiz discover your specific hair and scalp needs. You will receive personalized recommendations to address your concerns and meet your goals.

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