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The top recruiter will receive a $2500 cash bonus for their outstanding efforts in July 2024.


Free Products

Prepare for a transformative journey towards a healthier, more radiant you. Win a collection of exquisite GOFINITY health and beauty products that will revolutionize your self-careroutine.


Contest ends on July 31, 2024 at midnight CST. Winner will be the Consultant with the most new personally sponsored enrollees (minimum of 3) in the month of July 2024. In the case of a tie, the Consultant that receives the most new personally sponsored enrollees first, will be the winner. (For example, if two Consultants have 10 new personally sponsored enrollees and that is the most new personally sponsored enrollees amount all Consultants, the Consultant who achieved their 10th personally sponsored enrollee first will win). Runner ups will be chosen from those with next highest recruitment number under the winner. If tie occurs amongst the runner ups the same rule will apply for the runner ups as for the winner. Winner will be announced on August 5, 2024.
Free products include: Includes: Beautonic - 2, Menfinity Gentonic - 2, Scalp Elixir - 2, Straight and Wavy Shampoo – 2, Straight and Wavy Conditioner – 2, Curly and Coily Shampoo – 2, Curly and Coily Conditioner – 2, Grow Power Shot – 2, Soothe Power Shot – 1, Anti-Frizz Power Shot – 1, Hydrate Power Shot – 1, Shine Power Shot – 1, Split End Repair Power Shot – 1, Thermal Protection Power Shot – 1, Strengthen Power Shot – 1, Curl repair Power Shot - 1, Lipo Burn – 2, Vitality Gummies - 1, Sleep Gummies – 1, Skinny Gummies – 1, Energy Gummies – 1, Happy Gummies – 1, Focus Gummies – 1, Lipo, Coffee – 1, Lipo Tea – 1, Cleanse - 1