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Brock & Tymeka Lawrence

We became entrepreneurs because of our family and we're so excited to be able to give the people that have supported us throughout our journey a way to build their own businesses. Let's continue to make history TOGETHER!
About us

Our vision is to inspire others around the globe to be who they were designed to be.

The gofinity team


VP of Operations

"As Vice President of Operations and having almost a decade with the company, I have come to learn the importance of a strong team. It is tough to accomplish tasks on your own, but when you know there are others by your side on a daily basis who are focused and willing to help achieve a common goal you’re more eager to take charge, take risk, and lead by example. Here at GOFINITY, we’re a team willing to help you every step of the way. There’s nothing too big or too small that comes our way that we can’t handle together. I’m a strong believer in T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More). "


VP of Sales

"People are my passion and strategy is my superpower! As the VP of Sales my goal is to help you achieve yours. I believe that if you shoot for the moon, you should hit the moon. Celebrate the stars but don't settle for them. "


Director of Multimedia Production

"Expressing my creativity through graphics, photography and video is my passion. I love that by following my passion, I can help others achieve their dreams!"


Director of Research and Development

"As the Director of Research and Development, creating effective products is my top priority. I'm so excited to show our new products and I look forward to working with our future consultants!"


Director of Information Technology

"I started working with web design as a hobby after I got out of the Navy. I loved it so much that I decided to turn my hobby into my career. That’s when I learned that believing in yourself is the first step to success. I’m here to help you by ensuring your website is always at peak performance. You can be as successful as you decide to be, you just have to take that first step."


Director of Marketing

"I started using Hairfinity products to resolve personal hair issues I struggled with for years. Now that I am part of the GOFINITY team I help thousands of people daily who have the same issues by marketing products I have used and know works."


Director of Logistics

"I look forward to shipping you great products, to help you on your journey to becoming a healthier and happier you!"

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