As a busy mom, you’ve got a LOT going on! We know because we’re moms too. One reason we launched GOFINITY was to create a fun, easy-to-do, quick to share side-hustle for moms who wanted something more.

Here are just some of our favorite reasons that GOFINITY is perfect for moms:

  • You can work from anywhere!  With our GOFINITY app, you have all the tools and resources you need to work from your phone. You can send samples, follow-up, post on social media, send an informative video, collect orders, or share your website on the go. 
  • You can work when you want!  Work during your lunch break, naptime, or when the kids go to bed. The hours are flexible and fit around your schedule.
  • You don’t have to be an expert! Invite your friends to our GoLive Events. We’ll share exciting information about the products and company...and orders and enrollments will link directly back to your website. As a Consultant, you can host your own virtual GoLive Events too!!
  • You’ll make great connections! Sometimes, it’s nice to have a conversation with grownups (especially adults who are passionate about the same things that excite you). In our community of GoGetters, you’ll meet people who become lifelong friends, support your achievements and have your back! 
  • You’ll love the recognition and rewards!  If you’re driven by achievement (or like an acknowledgment of all the great things you’re doing), you’ll love our rewards and recognition program including cash bonuses, swag, conference awards, surprises, and lots of kudos for your efforts and accomplishments!

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