Lipo Tea

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Reach your goals naturally with Lipo Tea! Featuring a signature blend plant-based nutrients, this energizing tea mix takes your average cup of hot beverages to a whole new level.

Filled with metabolism-boosting ingredients, this instant tea promotes healthy digestion while supporting your body in when in fat-burning mode. Green tea and Yerba Mate help flush out toxins, whereas Matcha supports concentration and alertness.

In simple words, a cup of Lipo Tea can not only refresh and energize you to the core, but also get your neurons firing with the very first sip!

Whether you are living a keto lifestyle or looking for a supplemental drink to fight cravings and power through the day, this is the ultimate tea you need!

So, what’s the wait for? Order now and experience the Lipo Tea difference yourself!

Why Lipo Tea?

  • Supports thermogenesis*
  • Supports metabolism for natural weight loss*
  • Loaded with nootropics to support memory and focus*
  • Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Soy-free, and Vegan-friendly instant tea mix
  • Great tasting and easy to make


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