15 Tips to Become Your Best Version

How to Better Yourself: 15 Tips to Become Your Best Version

How to Better Yourself

There comes a point in everyone's life when they spend a lot of time thinking about themselves. This has happened to us as well. Self-reflection brings with it dozens of new questions that need to be answered. Most importantly, how do you become your best self? How to better yourself?

You must first identify "YOU," your "real essence," the beliefs, interests, & passions that determine who you are in society and the universe before you can be the best version of yourself. 

You have to know who you would like to be in order to figure out who you are. At this stage, you may start thinking about how you can improve yourself. Afterward, you're on your own to make sure you reach your destination.

In this post, you'll get all the information you need, on achieving the best version of yourself. Let's get to the bottom of it now.


Why should you put effort into improving yourself as a person? 

Many motivations exist for continuing to improve your well-being. 

With each little step toward reaching your objectives, you'll feel more accomplished. Moreover, self-improvement may benefit you in almost every facet of your life.

For example, if you want to enhance your job performance, find greater purpose in your work, or even receive a promotion, you may do it by improving yourself at work.

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Personal connections, the capacity to establish limits, and the development of tighter friendships can all be achieved by self-improvement. Self-improvement is a sort of self-care, and it's more probable that you'll have more to offer others if you take better care of yourself. 

Finally, the ability to learn and grow is a significant asset in a continuously changing environment. Becoming more confident and less afraid of the future may be done by realizing that you have the power to do better for yourself. 

You've gone through this before. You've already shown that you can develop and improve yourself before, so why not do it again?

How to better yourself? Follow these 15 simple tips below;

1. Relinquish Your Past Self 

Your old self must die if you are going to become a better version of yourself. You're effectively raising your standards by doing so. 

Indeed, your "old self" will resist this, but you really should remain steadfast in your choice to do this. Refuse to stay the same, and open yourself to the potential of a "new" you.


2. Find Your Purpose

Knowing your purpose is critical when you're trying to become the best version of yourself. Having a purpose keeps you moving and inspires you to carry out your duties.

You can't expect to achieve your full potential if you don't do anything positive with your life. In most cases, this is done when you establish objectives for yourself and devise a plan to accomplish them. 

Having a clear sense of what you want to accomplish in life can help you achieve your full potential. 


15 tips to improve yourself: write a list of your objectives

3. Make a List of Objectives

Setting objectives is essential if you want to improve yourself over time.

You'll be able to keep track of your progress if you set precise objectives and write them down. You may also write about this in your diary. 

You may, for example, resolve to walk for 30 minutes a day for the remainder of the year. Gradually getting closer to your objective is possible.

Even if you don't walk, you may begin by taking three to ten-minute walks a week. You may gradually lengthen your walks each week. 

You can keep walking more each week until you meet your goal of walking every day.


4. Work on Overcoming Your Fear of Failure

There are times when fear of failure might keep you from moving ahead in the direction of your objectives and personal growth.

Doing the tough tasks even though fear is weighing you down is essential to personal growth. You need to focus on your phobia of failing and go outside of your safe zone in order to overcome this. Small steps may be taken to alleviate this concern, and then larger ones can be tackled gradually. 

For instance, you don't need to prepare for a seminar at work to get over your fear of public speaking. Instead, you may build your way up to it gradually.

Practicing speaking skills in a private context, such as with your family or spouse, is a good way to become used to it. 

You'll be able to practice in front of even more people as time goes on. Every time you give a speech in front of a new group of people, your fear of failing will go away. 

Keep in mind that you will still fail sometimes, and that's just OK. When you fail, resist the temptation to berate yourself. Failing is a crucial part of the path to success, so embrace it. 


5. Take A Break From Things That Sap Your Energy 

Do not engage in activities that deplete you to the point of exhaustion.

Do you feel as though reading through social media all day is stealing your positive vibes?

Have you ever noticed how spending a lot of time with negative people drains your energy?

Make an effort to pay attention to what gives you energy as well as what drains you during the day. Updates to your budget or food shopping may be tasks that deplete you. 

However, there are a number of additional elements that you can manage.

Try removing social media applications from your phone when you find yourself in a bad mood because of too much scrolling. Another way to deal with people who are always negative is to spend less time with them.


6. Experiment With Something New Every Day

When you learn something new, you open yourself up to fresh ideas and viewpoints that help you broaden your scope of knowledge.

If you want to learn something new, it doesn't have to be a hard or time-consuming endeavor. This is the first step in learning how to draw out the most of your abilities. It's just a matter of making a conscious effort every day to invest in yourself.


7. Look After Yourself

Nobody can take care of you better than you. Self-care activities are essential for your well-being, so don't neglect them. This implies that you should treat yourself to a treat every now and then. 

As a reward, you might engage in a number of enjoyable pastimes. Self-care includes cooking a good dinner, treating yourself to new things every now and again, and taking care of your mental well-being. These are all examples of self-care.


Exercise every day on your path to bettering yourself

8. Make An Effort To Exercise Every Morning

If you really want to be the best version of yourself, this is a must. A moderate amount of physical activity is beneficial to the body. 

Exercise not only improves your physical appearance, but it also aids in relaxing your body. All the tension and emotional building that comes from being around other people and your surroundings may be relieved by using this technique. 


9. Persistence 

We've been taught over and over again that perseverance pays off. In other words, what does it mean to be persistent? A persistent person is someone who keeps trying no matter how many times they fail.

If you want something strongly enough, you'll need to be persistent if you want it to come to fruition. If you feel you can obtain it and want it strongly enough, your efforts are likely to be rewarded in some way. 

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As you attempt to become a better version of yourself, you may find yourself reverting to your old habits and characteristics. It's time to keep going, putting in the effort to be a better version of yourself. Your healthy long-term behaviors will become apparent to you over time. 


10. Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Assistance.

Don't allow your ego to stand in the way of your goals. Almost everyone who has achieved greatness has had some assistance at some point in their journey.


11. Do Not Dismiss Minor Victories

When you appreciate what you're accomplishing now, you'll have the energy to keep going toward your ultimate objective.


12. Mistakes Are a Great Way to Learn And Grow.

Mistakes are inescapable. All of us have made some mistakes at some point in our lives. Even so, some blunders are more expensive to fix than others. You may learn from your errors by retaining the knowledge gained from experience.

The most critical element in overcoming a problem is to learn a valuable lesson from it. When anything like this happens again, this virtuous lesson acts as a helpful reminder. You'll make fewer errors as a result. This is one of the reasons why some people believe that the greatest teacher is one's own experience.


13. Make an Effort To Be Nice to People 

Becoming a better person is easy when you practice kindness.

And that's not all. Being nice instead of cruel doesn't take a lot of effort.

Secondly, it may improve your self-esteem.

Third, it has the potential to enhance the lives of others. Becoming more aware of the people around you is the first step to expressing love. You'll notice much of what others need, even if they don't express it if you do this.

A coworker may be in need of your assistance, for example. You might also see a stranger struggling to get through a door while pushing a stroller.

Make it a daily aim to do one small act of kindness. Make a note of how you felt and how they responded in your journaling.


Going outside can reduce your anxiety

14. Spend a Bit More Time Outdoors 

Working in a company (and even working remotely) means that the majority of your day will be spent inside.

See if you can squeeze in some more time outdoors over the course of the day. Consider spending time outdoors if you have access to it.

Anxiety, weariness, anger, and melancholy may all be reduced with only a 15-minute stroll in the woods, according to new research. Forest walks were shown to be more beneficial than city walks in the research. 

A greater degree of anxiety was likewise associated with a better outcome.

Even if the weather isn't ideal, you may still enjoy the outdoors by dressing appropriately. Spending a little more money on durable outdoor clothes that will keep you warm and dry no matter what the weather throws at you is a good idea. 

When engaging in an outside activity, make certain that you are properly outfitted. If you're going to go trekking, for example, you should be very sure you have proper hiking shoes.


15. Smile Always

Every day should begin and conclude with a beautiful smile on your face. People who often smile are more likely to have happy lives. In addition, it lessens your load. The benefits to your health that you get from smiling often are substantial.


Bonus Tip: Hire a Coach to Help You Succeed

Getting help from others is a great way to improve one's performance. Coaches are people who are trained to help you understand yourself fully and who are available to support you in achieving your goals. You are entitled to a support system. 

Coaches may help you get a fresh perspective on your own self-improvement and many other parts of your life that may need improvements.



Each time you achieve a goal, you'll be one stride closer to being the person you were meant to be. Each triumph will serve as a reminder of the hard effort you put in to improve yourself. 

When you achieve a goal, you'll feel better about yourself and it will be much simpler to go on to the next one since you've learned a new skill or disciplined yourself.

While it takes a long time to get to the peak of a mountain, the reward is well worth the effort. There is no need to wait till the discomfort sets in before you begin climbing.

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